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What is the Affiliate Program?

The IUX Markets Affiliate Program is a structured process through which affiliates earn commissions for marketing IUX Markets. These affiliates, also known as ‘publishers,’ can be individuals or companies tasked with promoting IUX Markets products...

Understanding the CPL (Cost Per Lead) Program

The CPL, or Cost Per Lead Program, is an affiliate marketing model whereby Publishers, often called Affiliates, have the opportunity to earn 0.6 USD commissions when new clients successfully register by completing all necessary identity...

Understanding the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Program

CPA, or Cost Per Acquisition, is an affiliate marketing model in which Publishers, known as Affiliates, earn commissions based on specific actions resulting directly from their marketing campaigns. Affiliates stand to earn a commission of...

Understanding the Revenue Share Program

Revenue Share represents an affiliate marketing model through which Publishers, or Affiliates, have the opportunity to earn commissions equal to 1% of the first-time deposit (FTD) made by their newly referred clients, maximum 1000 USD....

Withdrawal conditions: Affiliate Program

In order to proceed with commission withdrawal, a partner is required to fulfill the following conditions: